Render Maintenance

Guaranteed up to 10 years All year round application 40+ years experience

Render Maintenance & Repairs

With almost 40 years’ experience in the field, FPP Facades are specialists in render maintenance and repairs. We undertake repair works for both large contractors and private homeowners alike, as no repair is too small or too big for us to investigate.

Our repairs are carried out by our friendly team of skilled and experienced applicators who use specialist, BBA approved products. We take enormous pride in what we do so we are confident to say our works are always carried out to a very high standard.

No matter how small the repair, we would love to hear from you – so please contact us today for a free quote!

Repairs and Services

Repairs and services we carry out include:

✔ Cleaning stains and blemishes
✔ Chips, dents and knocks
✔ Cracking and fraying
✔ Staining and discolouration
✔ Salt and efflorescence build-up
✔ Algae formation
✔ Damaged beading
✔ Helifix stitch repair to failed blockwork
✔ Corrective work to poor workmanship
✔ Repairs around window and door replacement
✔ Render rejuvenation
✔ Colour change

Our Case Studies

Algae Staining

The defect at this property is algae staining, which has been caused by the incorrect installation of drainage. This allowed excess water to run down the render.

To rectify this, we had to remove the algae, and then we pressure washed and cleaned the affected elevations. We then over coated the property in our specialist resin emulsion paint to produce the desired finish.

Thermal Movement

The homeowner at this property was concerned about the cracks in their render.

These cracks have been caused by thermal movement as a result of blockwork failure.

To repair this, we had to reinforce the blockwork behind with the Helifix stitch repair system. We then applied basecoat, fibre mesh reinforcement, and over coated the affected elevations with our specialist resin emulsion paint with a scratch finish to match the existing render.

Lime Blooming

The defect at this property is severe lime blooming, which occurs when the render has been applied in damp conditions or low temperatures.

We initially pressure washed the affected elevations and carried out a deep cleanse to remove the build-up of efflorescence. This was required as we had to ensure we were working with a smooth surface. We then over coated the property in our specialist resin emulsion paint, which dramatically improved the façade.


This homeowner was unhappy with the several unattractive patches on the render of their newly built home.

The defect at this property was caused by the housebuilder, who had patched several holes in the render with regular exterior house paint which, when dry, clearly did not match.

To remedy this, we decided the best way forward would be to overcoat the front and side elevations in our specialist silicone resin emulsion paint. This easily covered the patches and ensured there was an even finish across the whole house.